Finding Something Friday on, The Muffin, and Me

I found the holiday edition of my free newsletter from in my inbox this week. And that means I found “Santa Baby for Writers” by yours truly!

I do so wish I could share Santa Baby with you (the song, not my SB, the Beneficent Mr. Hall) but it’s only available in the newsletter. I can give you the sweet link to Writing-World here so that you can dash away and sign up. Then, you’ll get the latest newsletter, full of all things from the world of writing, including Cathy C. Hall’s cool Yule song for writers. Absolutely free!

And after you sign up for Writing-World, dash away over to the WOW! Women on Writing’s blog, the Muffin, to see who went on and on for Friday’s Speak Out guest blogger. The topic’s “After Nano: Rewrites Can Be (Sorta) Fun.” Off you go to The Muffin

Okay, I admit that wasn’t much of a surprise. But it’s not like today’s post was titled “Writing-World, the Muffin and Yul Brynner.”You knew I’d be coming up sooner or later. Or more or less.

Turns out, it’s more. ‘Cause I’ve been a very busy little elf the last few days, making over the Cathy C. Hall website. Nothing too drastic; Gladys the Goose is still there, doing her thing. And I hope I’ve made my thing more about humor writing, and less about “waterfowl writing.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s just that all I want for Christmas is…well, Santa Baby’s heard that song before.

7 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on, The Muffin, and Me

  1. You're so welcome, Gail! Let me know when you "Speak Out" over at the Muffin :-)Thanks so much for the kind words, Elizabeth! I love to sing-but can never remember the lyrics. So, in that sense, yeah, I'm quite the songwriter 🙂

  2. Cathy,Oops. Check your blog address at the Muffin article. It needs an http;// instead of a www. to get you to, always editing…Love,Cileface

  3. Cool beans, and as usual I'm following in your footsteps (because you ARE the Yoda), albeit unwittingly. I submitted to The Muffin myself and just got the nod, though I don't know when I'll be on the calender. Ironically, my bit is about blogging to break writer's block. I learned that trick from you, Master Y. You're a peach, and I thank you for giving me that much needed push.

  4. Oooh, I'm so Freakin' excited! (I feel like that character on SNL :-)All I did was give you the info-YOU put butt-in-chair and wrote something up! (You know that old saying… You can lead a writer to a market, but you can't make them submit :-)Please let me know when you speak out! So Freakin' excited!

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