One for Me, One for You

So I was out there in shopping land, buying stocking stuffers for the Junior Halls (translation: really cheap but kinda fun) when what to my wandering eye should appear but a little mouse pad, with a doggie so dear!

Not just any mouse pad, mind you. A mouse pad with a calendar! And puppies! How brilliant is that? I can jot a writing reminder or two on the calendar and get a little “Awww” pick-me-up at the same time. That’s why I picked one up for me. And then I thought Hey! I’ll add one of these totally awesome mouse pads to the Hall Holiday Giveaway! Because, you know, it was in the clearance stocking stuffer bin (translation: really, really cheap but kinda fun).

My mouse is still getting used to the pad. And I may end up not being able to use it for its intended function (my mouse is circa 1999 and a tad persnickety). But that’s beside the point. The idea is brilliant!

P.S. Perhaps I should ask Santa for a new mouse? I mean, that mouse is filthy, smeared and spotted with the sweat and tears of Cathy C. Hall’s labors. Or I could just clean it (translation: get up off my chair, get the spray stuff, and wipe the mouse down. Yeah. Like that’s gonna happen).

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