Keeping up with Conferences: Springmingle!

I’ve just now dashed back from the post office, capping off a 15 hour writing frenzy! And what, you might ask, possessed me to go into maniac writing mode?

*Springmingle, of course! Or rather, the deadline for manuscripts to be sent to Springmingle. Last year, the deadline snuck up on me, if you can count me whiling away the hours, playing online games, till one DAY before the manuscript was due and yelling, “Egad! Is that calendar right?!”

So, this year, I was determined not to wait till the last minute. Why, I still have three days to go. So if you have a scathingly brilliant manuscript that you’d like formally critiqued at the Springmingle conference, you’d best start writing like a maniac (and send it Express Mail)!

*Springmingle is the annual spring conference sponsored by the Southern Breeze chapter of SCBWI. Early registration (and manuscripts for critique) are due on January 22nd. But you can send in your conference registration anytime before February 26th. See you in Atlanta!

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