Finding Children’s Writer Contest (Psssst! It’s Science!)

Here’s what I like about the Children’s Writer Contest(s): If you haven’t already subscribed to Children’s Writer, your entry fee will include a subscription.

But if you are getting Children’s Writer, then you enter the contest free. Technically speaking, you can enter two contests, because in a year’s subscription, you’ll likely have the opportunity to try your luck twice! Now, isn’t that a sweet deal?

But enough about the subscription deal. You’re wondering about the contest deal, right? Here’s the skinny: Write a science article, targeted for 11-year olds, and no longer than 750 words, giving emphasis to a current science topic. And write fast. Submissions must be in by February 27th!

Your best chance to win will include chemistry, or physics (Eeek! Physics!) or biology. So, if you taught science, or love science, or just have a hankering to learn a little something in a science field, this is the perfect contest for you. You can get more information here, at the Children’s Writer Newsletter site.

And save all of your research. Because just in case you don’t win, I mean I’m crossing my fingers and everything, but just in case that doesn’t work, you’re still going to have a great article. And that article is going to be submission ready, once you add your bibliography.

So either way, you’ve got a sweet deal going here. Now off you go to think up something scientifically brilliant!

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