Finding Something Friday: Me and Dear Lucky Agent Contest

I slogged out to my mailbox today, through snowflakes a-flyin’, to find my new business cards! (And because I’m a ham, my new sticky notes to go along with!)

Just between you and me, I seem to have the same thing going on with business cards that I have with bathing suits. (Hmmmm…they both begin with B’s. Coincidence? I think not.) Namely, I’m on a mission to find perfection. And yet, since both business cards and bathing suits involve Cathy C. Hall, in either the flesh or a likeness thereof, perfection is a tad difficult to come by. Hence, the whole thing taking on that “Mission: Impossible” status.

Oh, well. I kinda like these cards better than the last. And the sticky notes are swell (probably because they’re fuzzy-ish). So I’m feeling pretty lucky today. Lucky enough to enter The Dear Lucky Agent Contest going on over at Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog.

Wow. That’s a mouthful. But the contest is pretty simple. Send 150 to 200 words of your middle grade or young adult unpublished manuscript to wherever Chuck said. And don’t forget to follow a few of the other rules listed if you want your entry to be valid. Go right here and read it again, just to be on the safe side. Then zip that entry out before February 21st.

I wish I could put one of my new sticky notes on that entry:

“Dear Lucky Agent,
If you think this sticky note rocks, wait til you read my WHOLE manuscript!
Yours in anything but a bathing suit,
Cathy C. Hall”

10 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: Me and Dear Lucky Agent Contest

  1. Very cool business cards and sticky notes!…Can't live without either of 'em, myself…And a definite No-No on ever being seen in a bathing suit again…since I passed the lovely age of…%#*+@% !!

  2. Uh, yeah..ixnay on the athingbay uitsay. Wriggling into one of those things brings tears to my eyes, and not just because the darn things are so snug. Love the business card. I ordered some myself a few months ago and have handed out, oh, maybe three. LOL. I figure if nothing else they're good for those fishbowl drawings in restaurants. Free food is good, especially since I'm not gonna be in a bathing suit any time soon.

  3. You know, I think I use my business cards as bookmarks most of the time. But they make scathingly brilliant bookmarks! :-)(And I promise not to mention the other "B" word again.)Corey, the Beneficent Mr. Hall is the same way, sorta. He usually manages to get 'er done (in his own inimitable way).

  4. Hey, plan to pass out a bunch of those cards at SpringMingle. And if someone needs to jot down an address, whip out cute stickies and offer one up!

  5. Awesomeness and groovy looking! How many sled dogs did it take to get you to the mailbox?(Weird side note. The word verification for this post was "cathessu.")

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