Market of the Month: Bylines Desk Calendar

Time to change the market of the month, mateys! Okay, I got a little carried away with the whole alliteration thing. But that’s because I’m so excited about this month’s market: Bylines Desk Calendar!

You can visit the website for all the information you need to submit. Or you can check out Donna’s Book Pub here; the editor, Sylvia Forbes, visited and shared some fine tips. What you can’t do is sit around on your thumbs. ‘Cause the deadline for next year’s submissions is March 1st!

So, c’mon. You know you’ve got 300 scathingly brilliant writing words in you. (Gee, I hope I didn’t use my month’s allotment up when I submitted!) Shove off with you, now, and good luck, mateys!

5 thoughts on “Market of the Month: Bylines Desk Calendar

  1. I finally gave in and bought a Bylines calendar a few weeks ago, in part so I could enter a submission for next year's edition. Research and all that. I'm a complete convert now, whether they like my submission or not. Writing down my daily writing goals is a huge motivator. I loved your essay, too–I keep finding you everywhere, like I'm unintentionally stalking you.

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