Writing Hangouts: The Good, the Bad, and the Expensive

I really meant to drop in here a few days ago. Day before yesterday, it was circled on my Things To Do list. Yesterday, I actually had my computer on and humming for a couple hours. But I didn’t quite get around to the Hall of Fame. How can anyone write when those crazy skiers and snowboarders and skaters are zipping by so fast, if you blink, you miss ’em?

So, I’m late. But for a good cause. Which brings me to the topic today. What writing organizations do you belong to, and why? Or what conferences will you pay to attend? In other words, what writing cause is good enough to justify the expenses?

Over at Finders and Keepers, where I write about all things in my children’s lit related world, I asked about SCBWI (my membership is coming due!). And the responses convinced me that I hadn’t really been using my SCBWI membership to its fullest benefit.

Mostly, I joined SCBWI in order to meet like-minded writers. I attend my regional conferences, too. But perhaps there’s more out there that I’m missing. Kind of like what I found with SCBWI. So, how about you? Share with us where you hang out, writing-wise, (organizations, conferences, associations, memberships) and why you spend the money to do so. Inquiring minds really want to know what you think is valuable out there, when it comes to writing.

And I promise I’ll look into your recommendations. As soon as the Winter Olympics swoosh out of town!

6 thoughts on “Writing Hangouts: The Good, the Bad, and the Expensive

  1. Greetings, Master Yoda. I belong only to the GA Writer's Assoc. I'm kinda like a college kid who has yet to declare a major. I've completed 3 manuscripts in 3 different genres. Are all writers this schizophrenic about their "specialty" or is it just me? (Are you going to charge me extra for the psychoanalysis?)

  2. Hi Cathy. This is a great question. It really made me stop and think why I've joined the groups I'm in. And now I can reveal the answers! First one I joined: SLWG (St. Louis Writers Guild) Was told by a new writer friend, when I was a new writer, that I SHOULD join it. Second one: MWG (Missouri Writers Guild) I wanted to join this, because it was prestigious. A writer had to be published in, I think, 3 paying venues..so that took me a while! Third one: Saturday Writers. This is my favorite for several reasons. One: The meetings are held about a mile from my house. :)Second: I really enjoy all the people involved in it. Third: This is how/where I met my publisher! Woo-Hoo! Now, I'd say that's the BEST reason!!

  3. Hi Cathy,What a great question! I need to check out your other blog to read more about SCBWI. One of my writing friends belongs to that group and has praised it several times.Now, the groups I belong to are, which are local ones: Saturday Writers. This is the writing organization closest to my heart. A handful of writing friends and I started it eight years ago and it's like a piece of tough meat. The more you chaw on it, it keeps growing and growning. I also belong to the Missouri Writers' Guild and the Ozarks Writers League. These are regional groups through which I've made a lot of wonderful and life-time writing friends.After my grandkids are a little older I'm going to check out national organizations like SCBWI and maybe Mystery Writers of America.Why, you might ask? I'm working (very slowly) on a YA novel that's also a mystery with supernatural elements to it. I know what you're saying about the Olympics. Last night Cari and I were up late watching the men's figure skating. It was so exciting!Donna

  4. Lisa, I write all over the place, too. So if we're crazy, we shall reign in La-La Land together :-)Thanks so much, Becky and Donna! It sounds as if you're definitely getting bang for your bucks…or wait. Y'all have dues for the regional writing groups? Anyway, it's obvious where the value lies for y'all, dues or not.Donna, I started out writing younger children's stories (because they're shorter-duh!), but woke up one day with a YA premise in my brain. And I had a ton of fun writing it. (Here's a surprise-it has a paranormal element. Were we separated at birth? No, really. 'Cause things are getting pretty creepy 🙂

  5. Oh…I left out a very important piece of information…I'm happy to be part of Saturday Writers, too, because Donna is in it, and she's such a great, neat, sweet, etc..etc..person!! And great writer, too, of course! No, she's not my publisher!! 🙂

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