Tuesday Tip: A Promise is a Promise is Springmingle

I know that I said I’d share what I learned from the conference I just attended. So, if you zip over to Finders & Keepers here, you’ll get the skinny on Springmingle ’10.

But here’s what I read in this week’s Horoscope section of TV Guide, just this morning:

Libra (It just so happens that I’m a Libra)
Jenna Elfman, 9/30/71 (So is Jenna Elfman! I liked Jenna Elfman in Dharma and Greg. Or I liked thinking that’s the kind of kooky, carefree spirit I could be, if in fact I were the kooky and carefree type. I’m not.)

“Not everyone shares your sense of humor, so be careful what you say over the next seven days-because some people, maybe important ones, won’t take kindly to your jokes and quips, especially if they’re the target. Choose your words carefully and you’ll have a great week.”

Sheesh. Now I’m a nervous wreck. Because I’ve written about all kinds of important conference folks over at Finders and Keepers, and Cathy-on-a-Stick was at the conference, too.

But a promise is a promise. So enjoy. (All in all, I think I’d rather be a Taurus this week.)

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: A Promise is a Promise is Springmingle

  1. Aw, Kathy! Don't believe that silly old TV Guide horoscope, or any of them, for that matter! You just wouldn't be your fun self, if you weren't YOU!! Don't be skeered!!

  2. Well, I've never had an actual horoscope be accurate, Becky. On the other hand, I can't argue with that whole "Libras are well-balanced, classy, and intelligent" thing.And Kelly, check out the links, too! I'm always amazed at how generous these folks are…their blogs are PACKED with a conference worth of learning!

  3. As a fellow Libra who published a story yesterday a few outspoken members of her community did not enjoy, I have to say TV Guide is spot-on this week. You would not believe the hateful commentary (thankfully removed by the editors) I received after Monday's column went to print.Ugh.But, it is a relief to know this was not my doing, it was in the stars…Here's to Libras!!

  4. Hi Cathy,It sounds like you had a swell time. I'm headed over to Finders & Keepers to check it out–also I don't want to be a Looser & Weeper.Donna

  5. Cathy,That was my favorite show. I think Jenna earned more money kissing, than any actress. I loved her spirited character too on Dharma and Greg. Greg was easy to look at. He filmed a movie by my school, and I took my students to see the set…and he came out to greet us. Now, I'm going to read your conference news. Thanks.

  6. Jules, I'm so sorry! That kind of thing goes with the newspaper territory. BUT, so glad your editors had your back.I had a swell time, all right. You'll see :-)And Linda, glad to hear "Greg" was as nice in character as he was to ogle, er, look at.

  7. Hey Cath – you know I'm a Libra, too. Mostly I think it just means we're "scathingly brilliant". 🙂 Greg (from Dharma and) is on Criminal Minds now and his character is pretty intense. He smiled a lot more when he was getting kissed by Jenna every week…

  8. I think I did know that Libra thing about you, Lisa. Making us even more Twilight Zone-y. (How's that for an original adjective thingie? Okay, not scathingly brilliant. I'll do better next time 🙂

  9. Hey you guys..uh, gals! Did you, Lisa and Cathy C., use the Twilight Zone-y term BEFORE you read that on MY blog?? Huh, huh, did ya, did ya?! Whether you did, or didn't….isn't it just the most scathingly brilliant thingy??

  10. Ooops…forgot a couple of things. Cathy, did you go back and read my reply to your comment on my This and That post? Also, what did that old TV Guide horoscope have to say about us Capricorns?! 🙂

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