Finding Something Friday: Flashlight Memories at Silver Boomer Books

When I was looking for the Market of the Month, I came across a note I’d made about Flashlight Memories. But alas (and alack, even), submissions are due by March 15th! Technically, that would be a Market for the Half-Month.

But why should I let a few days keep you from submitting to a delightful anthology? Especially one by my friends over at Silver Boomer Books? And most especially for an anthology that’s so dear to my heart.

Flashlight Memories will features poems and prose re: childhood reading. Oh, it makes me smile, just thinking about “A Pickle for a Nickel.” Or the Just So Stories. Or reading in my secret hideout with- you guessed it- a flashlight. In fact, I have so many childhood memories about reading, it’ll be hard to choose just one to write.

So, I have to run. By the time I decide what to write, the month will be half over!

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