Finding Bunches of YA Keepers at WOW!Women on Writing

When I saw the latest issue of WOW!Women on Writing, I knew I’d be spreading the word here at Finders and Keepers-before I’d even read a word!

First of all, I know that WOW does a wonderful job, finding up-to-date resources and interesting people to interview for whatever writing topic lands in the header. And I’m not just saying that ’cause I’ve written a few articles myself.  I sure wish that I’d thought up something to write for the March/April issue on Young Adult Writing. I guess I’ve been so busy writing YA, I haven’t had time to keep up with everything going on in this genre.

That’s the second of all here. ‘Cause guest editor, Margo Dill, has done a fine job of finding all kinds of people who have! Whether it’s figuring out how to use technology references in YA fiction, or looking at writing non-fiction high concept ideas for kids, you’re going to get your fill of YA info by the time you’ve read this issue.

Which, third of all, can really make a difference in whether you’re able to write some swell YA yourself!

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