Power Of Memoir Winner (Wheee!)

Since the Beneficent Mr. Hall was out galavantin’, I couldn’t use the old “Pick a name from the Colander” method. So I used Random.org to (randomly) choose a winner for Linda Joy Meyers’ The Power of Memoir.

It’s not nearly as much fun as blindfolding The Beneficent Mr. Hall, spinning him around 37 times, and then watching him try to pick a name from a colander. But it did give me a name: Tami.

So, wheee! to Tami, who said some of her favorite reads were memoirs. Here’s hoping we’ll read Tami’s winning memoir one day! (And thanks to all who left such lovely comments here. Here’s hoping you’ll win next time!)

5 thoughts on “Power Of Memoir Winner (Wheee!)

  1. Congrats to Tami! That random.org thing is pretty cool, but I loved visualizing you and your spinning husband and a colander…and a blindfold…hmm..sounds like a good story there….

  2. I can't speak for Mr. Hall, but I was a little bummed. Come to think of it, the last time he had to draw a name, I had a dickens of a time getting him to cooperate. And it wasn't easy pulling him out from under the desk.(I've just had the MOST splendiferous idea re: writing books. As soon as it jells, I'll share it with the world-)

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