Thursday’s Three: Twitter Apps (Get Your Followers Here)

I’ve been meaning to add the Twitter application to the old Hall of Fame for awhile, so today I did a little tweaking. And while I was flitting around, I came across a mess of Twitter applications.

But since this is Thursday’s Three, I’ll stick to applications having to do with finding like-minded folks out there on Twitter. Because it’s all about following the leader(s) and getting them to follow you back. And most importantly, finding out what they know.

1. Just Tweet It (Find Other Twitter Users Just Like You)…So I found writers.

2. Twellow (The Twitter Yellow pages)…I looked up Media.

3. Wefollow (Just we follow)…so I followed writing. What can I say? I’m stuck in a rut.

Now, you can find similar applications on Twitter itself. But that’s a busy, busy place-and you might have to wait awhile. So, I thought I’d throw these out for you, give you a head start in the following business. Because there’s no thumb-twiddling at Twitter.

(P.S. Aren’t those Twitter chicks cool? Check out Geek Sucks here to find more free Twitter icons.)

6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Three: Twitter Apps (Get Your Followers Here)

  1. Madeline, I *may* have said I'd never get a blog. Now I have three. I stalled around with Twitter. But at least I never said never. :-)Donna, I think we should start a Twitter support group and call it "Never Too Old to Tweet-If Someone Would Just Explain It".

  2. Hi Cathy C! I'm with Madeline! With my blog, and facebook and trying to do everything else…I'm staying away from the Twitterly Twits, for now anyway! …Hey, did I just call you a "twit"??!! 😀

  3. Hahaha! That's okay, Becky. I'm kinda fond of twits! :-)But it's true that time can get gobbled up by all the virtual socializing…which is weird when it comes to Twitter. I mean, they're just these little tweets (that go on and on and on and…)

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