Thursday’s Three: Writing the Query Letter

I’ve had query letters on the brain lately…I suppose if I keep reading about how to write a great query letter, I’ll actually write a great query letter. So, as I’ve come across three wonderful resources, let’s tackle query letters. (Can’t I get a Wheee?)

1. Karen Strong, who blogs over at Musings of a Novelista, shared what she learned in 2010 FL SCBWI: Query Letters.

2. Janet Reid, Literary Agent, has a blog wherein she delves into all things query. She completes me-in a query sort of way.

3. Agent Query…kinda says it all. Except here’s tons of tips on writing the query letter.

No more excuses. Wheeeeeee!
(Thanks to stock.xchng for photo)

Thursday’s Three: Twitter Apps (Get Your Followers Here)

I’ve been meaning to add the Twitter application to the old Hall of Fame for awhile, so today I did a little tweaking. And while I was flitting around, I came across a mess of Twitter applications.

But since this is Thursday’s Three, I’ll stick to applications having to do with finding like-minded folks out there on Twitter. Because it’s all about following the leader(s) and getting them to follow you back. And most importantly, finding out what they know.

1. Just Tweet It (Find Other Twitter Users Just Like You)…So I found writers.

2. Twellow (The Twitter Yellow pages)…I looked up Media.

3. Wefollow (Just we follow)…so I followed writing. What can I say? I’m stuck in a rut.

Now, you can find similar applications on Twitter itself. But that’s a busy, busy place-and you might have to wait awhile. So, I thought I’d throw these out for you, give you a head start in the following business. Because there’s no thumb-twiddling at Twitter.

(P.S. Aren’t those Twitter chicks cool? Check out Geek Sucks here to find more free Twitter icons.)

Thursday’s Three: Url Shorteners

Ten years ago, I didn’t know what an URL was. And just about the time I figured them out, I mean really grasped the whole URL concept, the techies came along and decided to shorten them.

Techie types are always up to something, aren’t they? Fortunately, I don’t have to understand the concept of shorteners (because really, how can you explain why “Thursday’s Three: Url Shorteners” becomes jgyhtx?) All I need to understand is that short is better when it comes to tweeting, and all I need to grasp is one of these three shorteners:

1. ….”Shorten, share, and track your links”

2.…”Make a ridiculously long url, tiny”

3. budurl…”Shrink it. Spread it. Watch it Grow.”

Take your pick. Slap one on your blog. Kick up your heels and do a jig with it. And thank a techie today.