Keeping Up With Advice for Aspiring Writers (Or Novelists, Even)

I always seem to be in a hurry to get everything done. Even when it comes to little, bitty tweets. So, when I’m zipping through tweets, I like to bookmark stuff that looks interesting. Then later, like when I’m watching the Braves on TV (mostly during commercials or when the other team is at bat), I can catch up on what I missed. That’s how I happened on Rick Riordan’s website where he offers Advice for Aspiring Writers.

Rick Riordan’s a fairly successful children’s writer, so I thought this might be some bodaciously fine advice for me, the wannabe published children’s writer. And I was right. Mr. Riordan shares his thoughts about his own writing journey, writing in general, and publishing. He keeps it short and (mostly) sweet, so even for a time-crunched writer such as myself, it’s easy to read the whole thing.

And if you have another quick minute, you might want to zip over to My Literary Quest, where a gal writes from the aspiring novelist trenches. I came across her post on The Evil Adverb when I logged in to write this quick post (where WordPress highlights a few blogs). And as she made a fine point or two, AND had “aspiring” right up there in her blog title, I took that as a sign.

So now, during a few commercials, I’m a smarter writer. Um, I may still need to work on that adverb thing.

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