Finding Something Friday: Blimey! It’s Smories time!

July started with a bang! (Um, sorry. I know that was bad.)

I opened up my inbox to find an email from Smories saying that my smory, “Ondine Oxenburg is Definitely Different” is live! Here’s what that means… is a UK website where kids tell stories. Not just any stories, of course. They’re recorded telling the stories that are sent in by writers like, well, me. Right now, Smories is having a competition where the smory with the most clicks wins. But the second, third, fourth and fifth most-clicked stories win, too.

I don’t usually do competitions of this nature. But watching those little Brit kids reading stories sucked me in. I’m a bit of an Anglophile, you see.

So now, “Ondine Oxenburg is Definitely Different” is one of the finalists, and a very cute Brit kid is reading my smory. And wouldn’t you just know it? I’m kinda sucked into that competiton now. ‘Cause I’m a bit of a contestphile, too.

Click all month long! ‘Cause it’d be swell if July ended with a bang, too! (Blimey!)

10 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: Blimey! It’s Smories time!

  1. Cathy, I clicked too! I posted a response to your previous post, but I think it didn't make it through? Anyway, I loved the character Ondine very much. Congrats!

  2. Blogger's been a little wonky lately, hasn't it? But thanks so much for the click! Glad you liked Ondine! That little girl reading seemed to enjoy the whole French thing, too!

  3. I'm clicking away on your story and on Doraine Bennett's story, the only 2 people I know in the finals. The same girl reads both but yours is for 7-8 y.o. and hers is for 5-6. Good luck!!!!

  4. Bonjour, Master Y! 🙂 Loving Ondine and hoping you do carry her along. She deserves more opportunities to be different. Did you write the letters in the story to be read as "Y and zed" or did the adorable British girl read it that way on her own? Just wondering. Thought it was cute.

  5. Hey Cathy! I SWEAR that I left a comment here..but it must've been during the crazy blogger demon!! I think it's just awesome that your story is on smories and being read by an adorable little Brit!! So cool!! I also did a click or two for ya!!

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