Finding A Blog, a Booklist, and Your Byline

In my zipping around on the wacky world of the web, I often come across terrific info and bookmark it-then forget to EVER go back and actually read up on the info. Kinda defeats the purpose, right?

So, I found that when I share these info-tastic links here on Finders & Keepers, I’m less likely to forget. And more likely to read up. Plus, you get to check out the info-tastic links, too. It’s a win-win-win!

First up, I came across a fun blog called The Writer’s Alley, wherein that old bugaboo, “Show, Don’t Tell,” was discussed. And within the post, I found a delightful link to an interesting worksheet that might be helpful if you struggle with this bit of a sticky writer wicket.

Next, I loved, loved, loved this site called Flashlight Worthy, with handpicked book recommendations on bunches of topics. I bookmarked the Children’s Books page which will take you to lots of different lists. Like Picture Books we Love to Hate or Books If You Like Cinderella. Seriously, I could spend a month reading these lists.

And finally, I found the latest Highlights Current Needs. Increase your chances of seeing your byline in the magazine by sending in something that Highlights needs. I’m partial to that “humorous stories” for young readers on the list, but there’s plenty to go around, no matter what you like to write.

That should keep you busy. Unless you bookmark this post to read for later!

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