Tooting My Horn Tuesday for WOW! On Fiction and Voice

The latest issue of WOW-Women on Writing is out and it’s packed-PACKED-with tons of terrific info for the fiction writer!

No matter how much I think I know, I always find more that I need to know from WOW! So I’m going to be busy reading this fine morning. Well, all except for the article on voice. But only because I wrote that article.

I had a few writer friends give me a hand with the article, and I know you’ll want to see what they had to say, too. I have a feeling my regular readers will recognize a couple names…Donna, Madeline, and Beth often drop in here at the Hall of Fame. I’m so glad they pitched in their voice!

So, here’s VOICE: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are by yours truly (and friends). I hope you enjoy it-and if you have a favorite story or novel, rich in voice, share it with me here. I was so taken with one of the writers’ favorites that I went straight to the library to check it out. It was a wonderful read, too. (For extra points, see if you can guess which book I checked out!)

And you know what? I kinda lied. I’ll probably read my article again.

7 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday for WOW! On Fiction and Voice

  1. Hmm, I bet you went and read I CAPTURE THE CASTLE. That was a great first line. Either that or HUNGER GAMES – and if you haven't already read that, then shame on you! Go read it NOW! :)(Sorry, I get waaaaaay too excited when I talk about books!)It was a great article, Cathy – well done! Thanks for including me in it.

  2. HOW did you know that, Madeline???Yes, it was I Capture the Castle, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!Hunger Games was fantabulous. Catching the Fire was good, too. I am beside myself waiting for Mockingjay. Beside. Myself.(P.S. I'd read the other books- or seen the movies :-)I'm a huge fan of Stephen King, but mostly his early stuff. Though Shawshank is a true classic. Classic.)Thanks for the kind words, Madeline. I think I'll try an article like that again. I love round-ups!

  3. Terrific article, Master Y! You're spot on, as usual. The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite stories by SK, and I love the movie, too…usually movies from books are stinky, but they got this one right.Congrats on the article. Lotsa good stuff in there.

  4. I guessed about the book – it was the one I would've went for. :)I can't decide if this is sad or not – I will actually buy two copies of Mockingjay so my husband and I can read them at the same time – neither of us wants to wait!King has a book of novellas coming out this fall – can't wait for that either.Oh, and I did a blog post about your article, Cathy! 🙂

  5. I'm blog-hopping tonight! First read about ya on Donna's Book Pub, then jumped over to WOW and read your article and then over here to your marvelous blog!! Congrats on everything, dahhhhling!! You know I think you're a wonderful writer, charming southern woman, scathingly brilliant friend…uh..what else?? I think that about covers it!! 😀

  6. Hi Cathy,Thanks again for interviewing me for your super-fabulous article.I ALWAYS learn something when I visit your blog.Donna

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