Finding Something Friday : A T-Shirt and a Laugh or Two (Or 26)

For this Friday, I found a T-shirt on my front porch!

There’s a good chance that the T-shirt did not exactly show up on Friday. See, I always use my kitchen door to come and go-and most folks know to come to my kitchen door. But I guess the FedEx guy (or gal) didn’t feel that friendly towards me. And I suppose I also owe Sally the Crazy Dog an apology. There was something outside, after all.

Anyway, my shirt from Do the Write Thing for Nashville came in and it’s just spiffy! I surely hope that Nashville is spiffy, too. The authors who spearheaded the fundraiser did a wonderful job and if you’re wondering about where all those funds went, you can check it out here.

And if you need a laugh or two (or 26), you might want to zip over to this post about the Worst Children’s Books…EVER, brought to you by the blog known as Slush Pile from Hell. I found it (the post and the blog) this morning while I was messing around…um, make that networking on Twitter.

Normally, Slush Pile from Hell offers up snippets from queries (and you will absolutely enjoy the daily snippet). But this post refers to a contest. And please understand, these are not actual books. They’re made-up books. So don’t worry that somewhere, somehow, these titles may get into the hands of little ones.

As far as my hands go, they’re a little slow on the keyboard today. I’ve sorta got these titles stuck in my brain, thereby preventing me from doing any serious thinking. Thank goodness it’s Friday.

6 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday : A T-Shirt and a Laugh or Two (Or 26)

  1. Hi Cathy C.! What a really beautiful T-shirt and the reason for it!! I've been reading Slush Pile for some time. I don't remember exactly how I stumbled across it, either, but oh yeah…it's worth the trip!! 🙂

  2. Hi! I'm back. I just popped over there and read the titles!! Hilarious!! I also re-read some of the query letters, too. OMG…more laugh out loud moments!! Thanks for sharing!! 😀

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