Finding the Funny Along with the Sublime

I had to share this post from Slush Pile Hell. (Which, I might add, is a funny spot to check out every day and not just when it happens to have a children’s related post).

The thing is, when you ask a bunch of Twitterers to come up with THE WORST CHILDREN’S BOOK…EVER, you’re going to get quite a few Tweets of an imaginary caliber. And the other thing is, I laughed out loud at almost all of the Top 25. So, that adds up to two things making this particular post a Keeper.

Now, calm down a bit because the next Keeper is a wonderful blog called “From the Mixed-up Files…of middle grade authors.” It basically says what you need to know in the title, but you can read here to find more of what these middle school authors have set out to do in the blogosphere.

And if you are a writer, as I am, you might want to read this overview. You’ll find out exactly what this bodacious blog has to offer you. Which I think is quite nice of them, don’t you?

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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