Finding the Pockets Fiction Contest

I may have mentioned the return of the Pockets Fiction Contest before. If so, I’m mentioning it again. And if not, then whee! You still have a couple of weeks to send in your lovely story!

Pockets Magazine has been accepting submissions since March, but your story must be postmarked by August 15th to be eligible for this year’s contest. And please keep within the word count guidelines, because if you don’t, your lovely manuscript will be gone with the wind.

There are a few other guidelines you’ll want to check, so scoot over here for the details before you send anything. I haven’t had much luck with Pockets, either the contest or in regular submissions, but somebody’s gotta win, right?

Might as well be me. (But good luck to you, too!)


2 thoughts on “Finding the Pockets Fiction Contest

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