Finding A Jewish Children’s Book Contest

You know, that post title doesn’t quite capture what I mean.

That is to say, this is not exactly a contest for Jewish children. It is a contest for writers who might have a nifty work of unpublished fiction with universal appeal of Jewish content.

Now, I imagine that many of the writers competing for the the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award may, in fact, be Jewish. But that’s certainly not a prerequisite for this contest sponsored by the Association of Jewish Libraries.  In fact, the manuscript should have appeal for both Jewish and non-Jewish readers, ages 8 to 11. So, anybody might have the perfect manuscript.

Or maybe you have a brilliant idea, and you just haven’t quite put pen to paper-or fingers to keyboard. So aren’t you glad I’m spreading the word now? Because you still have a few months before the deadline.

Check out the guidelines and information here. Deadline’s December 15, 2010. And the prize award is $1,000. I think that’s pretty clear, no matter how you write it.

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