Finding a Few Good Books (Oh! And Coloring Pages!)

If you’re writing for children or teens, I know you’re reading lots and lots of books written for children and teens, right? But sometimes, you want to take a little book vacation, so to speak. And I’ve got the perfect book for you!

My author friend, Amanda Lee/Gayle Trent, is on a blog tour right now with her latest release The Quick and the Thread. She stopped over at the Hall of Fame with this delightfully cozy embroidery mystery. And now I’m giving it away. So scoot over there-right now-and comment for a chance to win this fun read!

Back sew soon? (I’m sorry. I’ve been making really horrible puns like that since The Quick and the Thread showed up.) Anyway, I’ve got another book for you, one that you can sink your teeth into when you return from your reading vacation.

It’s Harold Underdown’s latest edition of The Complete Idiots’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books. I have an older edition of this swell book, but I’ve heard (via Twitter) that Harold’s added TONS of new and improved information. Southern Breezer, Tina Nichols Coury, interviewed him for her Publishing Tip of the Day here, where you can hear straight from the Harold’s mouth, a bit of fine information.

Oh! And the coloring pages! Elizabeth Dulemba offers coloring pages at her blog. They’re always fun and always free! Elizabeth also offers TONS of great information for illustrators, so if that’s your thing, you’ll want to follow her.

Now, as I have already read The Quick and the Thread, I should probably get back to work!


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