Finding Something Friday: An Award! For Me? Aw, Shucks

Look what I found today!

My friend, Madeline, over at the The Shellshank Redemption (which is one of my very favoritest blog names. Ever.) passed the Circle of Friends Award along to me. And now, not only am I feeling pretty sweet from that bloggy hug, but I’m also passing the bloggy love on to five of my friends and their lovely blogs.

So please give a warm “Hallo” if you have the chance to visit this circle of friends:

If you have the time, friends, pass along this award to your friends, passing along a little link love. But don’t worry if you forget. You’ll always be an award-winning friend in my book. Um, make that blog.

10 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: An Award! For Me? Aw, Shucks

  1. Awww…shucks, ditto, and all that good stuff! Thanks Miss Cathy C.! You know YOU are one of my favorite blog-friends! I humbly accept this award! You like me….You REALLY like me!! 😀

  2. Please do, Madeline! I'm ridiculously fond of those creative tortii-and you, of course. ;-)And Becky, I like you more than a can of mixed nuts! And I suspect 100 followers feel the same (congrats on that!)

  3. Wow, thanks! I see other bloggers getting awards but I haven't had many- thanks for thinking of me.Listen, there's always next year for SCBWI-LA. I'm saving money starting now.Speaking of conferences, are you going to WIK?If so, want a passenger? I'll pay gas $$. (My email address is fixed so you can email me at the same one.

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