What’s Over YOUR Writing Spot? (What, AGAIN?)

Well, yes. But there’s a perfectly good reason for me bringing up the latest thing over my writing desk.

It’s a birthday letter to yours truly from the Juniorest Hall. And no, it’s not my birthday. It’s another perfectly good reason.

This Juniorest Hall is NOT the English major. And yet, he’s very big on writing letters. I suspect it’s because letters are so very, very…what’s the word? Oh, yeah. Cheap.

Anyway, this particular letter holds a place of honor over the writing desk. And not just because of the eloquent lines pointing out the attributes that make me a super mom (though that’s swell). What makes this letter so extra special is that Juniorest Hall mentions writing. To wit:

I appreciate everything you do for yourself from your writing, to your blogs, to watching football like a crazy person (Um, I think I missed that the first time) and even Cathy-on-a-Stick. As much as I detest that stupid piece of paper glued onto a popsicle stick, I also enjoy it because I know it makes you happy and that makes me happy.”

Sometimes, like on a day when a rejection lands in the inbox, or finding the right words or a brilliant idea seems like an impossible task, I look up and read those few lines of the letter.
I need to remind myself that writing makes me happy. And that I’m lucky enough to have the love and support of the Wild Bunch. Right down to the Juniorest Hall.

(P.S. I bet you thought I forgot all about the reason I brought up the letter (I sorta did). Cathy-on-a-Stick has finally returned. You can see what she’s been up to if you zip over here. Won’t Juniorest Hall be thrilled?)

6 thoughts on “What’s Over YOUR Writing Spot? (What, AGAIN?)

  1. Great letter from Juniorest Hall. Kids…just when ya think you have 'em figured out, huh? Seems like someone knows his mama very well and is awfully proud. That tells me a lot about mama, too. And a little bit about COC, who made my day, even if she is chilling out in a corner.

  2. Awesome letter, Cathy! Inspiration comes in all sizes, doesn't it? Btw, my smory has gone live today. I added links to you and your smory on my post today. Thank you so much for sharing Smories with me. It's absolutely delightful!

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