Finding Something Friday on Word Counts and

Checking my email tends to be one of those “Good News/Bad News” activities. When it’s Good News, there is wild dancing in the streets and Chex Mix for everyone!

When it’s Bad News, there’s still Chex Mix. But I don’t feel like sharing it with anyone.

This Friday I had Good News and a Surprise. Which seems like a perfectly reasonable excuse for the fact that this Finding Something Friday post is actually on Saturday, right?

Anyway, on to the Surprise. I found my name in the latest newsletter of If you get the free newsletter, you can find it, too, under the Inquiring Writer column. I responded to a question about word counts for manuscripts, sending along this helpful blog post from Colleen Lindsay. (Check it out if you’re wondering about word counts and your novel-in-progress.) And Dawn Copeman (who does the answering of said questions) included my comments in the newsletter. And, I noticed that Dawn said she’s running low on questions. So this might be the perfect time to get your writing question answered. (Or send in your comments to a question and find your name in the newsletter!)

As for the Good News, I’m kinda still working on that article. So, I’ll share more later.

In the meantime, have a glorious Labor Day weekend. And have some Chex Mix, won’t you?

5 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Word Counts and

  1. Do you get the newsletter, Lisa? If not, you can go to the website and sign up. Meanwhile, the website archives the newsletters. But sometimes it takes a while for them to show up there. Give me a shout if you still can't find it and I'll zip it over to you.

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