Market of the Month: A Two For!

I just couldn’t make up my market mind this month, so I’m doing a Two For. And if I’m being perfectly honest, we all know that it will be December 1st or so before I find another market. So, off we go!

I came across Dew on the Kudzu whilst zipping around on Twitter. When The South combines with short fiction, I’m going to stop zipping and settle in for awhile to see what I can find. So I found that Dew on the Kudzu is looking for stories for November and December, and I also found that this is a non-paying market.

Sometimes, a writer has a story he or she wants to tell. Perhaps he or she has not had much success in getting that story out there. This ezine is ready and waiting for you, and honestly, I really liked what Idgie the Editor had to say. But really, Dew on the Kudzu had me at “celebrating the Southern way of life.”

My next market might seem a little strange, me being a city girl and all, but I love The Farmer’s Almanac. There’s so much interesting information in that book! I never knew how fascinating the Almanac was until I picked up a copy once while visiting the Beneficent Mr. Hall’s mom (who grew up out in the country and never quite left her farm roots). Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe all the neat stuff I’d been missing!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to think up an article pitch for the Almanac, but I’m going to try and channel my mother-in-law (may she rest in peace) for ideas.

Click on the Market(s) of the Month in the sidebar for the writing guidelines and submission details. And good luck until we meet again. Or should I just say, “Merry Christmas!”


2 thoughts on “Market of the Month: A Two For!

  1. You're right about having stories it would be nice to "get out there" even without begin paid. I came across a couple anthologies where the proceeds go to charity, and that seemed a good venue. There was still the submission process and waiting for acceptance, but knowing the money generated will go to kids' hospitals (in one case) and flood victims (in the other) makes it seem extra worthwhile.I didn't know about the FA, but I'll check it out!

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