Market of the Month: A Two For!

I just couldn’t make up my market mind this month, so I’m doing a Two For. And if I’m being perfectly honest, we all know that it will be December 1st or so before I find another market. So, off we go!

I came across Dew on the Kudzu whilst zipping around on Twitter. When The South combines with short fiction, I’m going to stop zipping and settle in for awhile to see what I can find. So I found that Dew on the Kudzu is looking for stories for November and December, and I also found that this is a non-paying market.

Sometimes, a writer has a story he or she wants to tell. Perhaps he or she has not had much success in getting that story out there. This ezine is ready and waiting for you, and honestly, I really liked what Idgie the Editor had to say. But really, Dew on the Kudzu had me at “celebrating the Southern way of life.”

My next market might seem a little strange, me being a city girl and all, but I love The Farmer’s Almanac. There’s so much interesting information in that book! I never knew how fascinating the Almanac was until I picked up a copy once while visiting the Beneficent Mr. Hall’s mom (who grew up out in the country and never quite left her farm roots). Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe all the neat stuff I’d been missing!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to think up an article pitch for the Almanac, but I’m going to try and channel my mother-in-law (may she rest in peace) for ideas.

Click on the Market(s) of the Month in the sidebar for the writing guidelines and submission details. And good luck until we meet again. Or should I just say, “Merry Christmas!”

Market of the Month: Patchwork Path Books

I like to mix up the markets here at the Hall of Fame, so this month, I decided to go with nonfiction. But fiction will work quite well, too. (It’s a dilly-dally market.) Which brings us to Patchwork Path Books.

Choice Publishing Group is looking for stories right this very minute on living the American Dream. But you can write a non-fiction essay, too. They’ll be reading stories and essays till…let’s see, December 31st! So, you have plenty of time to come up with something between 250 and 2000 words for Patchwork Path: Star Spangled Banner. And if the editors choose you, you’ll receive payment of $50.00.

That’s a nice bit for a story. Or even an essay. (But don’t dilly-dally too long!)

Tooting My Horn Tuesday: Deep South Magazine on Being Polite

Dadgum it!

I meant to tell all y’all about my essay in Deep South Magazine-and remind you to vote for your favorite Southern saying in the T shirt contest. Now, it’s too late to vote! But you can still check out the Southern sayings. (I sent in “Hush up,” which is just about as Southern as it comes. It didn’t get picked. Maybe the folks at Deep South thought I was telling them to hush up.)

Anyway, you may recall that Deep South Magazine was the Market of the Month-and I didn’t waste any time sending over my essay, “Being Polite.” I’d be tickled to death if you gave it a read. You can’t make these things up, as they say.

Well, you can. But in this case, I didn’t. When I was visiting with family last week, an argument of sorts broke out as we all remembered that evening differently. In the end, my version prevailed as the truth. Mostly. Which just goes to show, you can’t put a roomful of Southerners in one place without folks making a fuss. (Coincidentally, another Southern expression I sent in.)

So, how about you? Do you have a favorite Southern saying? I’d really like to know.

Honest to Pete.