Tooting My Horn Tuesday: I WON! I WON! I WON!

So. You know I zipped over to the Southern Breeze SCBWI Conference in Alabama this weekend, just to hobnob, chitchat and any other compound word that fits.

But Southern Breeze also sponsors writing contests and an illustration contest in conjunction with this conference. And one of the categories in the writing contests is “Fiction for Middle Grade and Teen.” Which just happens to be the category that my current work-in-progress fits. Which I just happened to send in for the contest…


I almost didn’t share the news because then there would be all this pressure. Like to finish the polishing up on the last two or three chapters. And to start doing more than the writing of the manuscript. Like to actually send it out in the world.

But then I thought, Shoot, Cathy, this is HUGE. (When I called my mom with the news, she said a writer should be able to come up with a better word than “Huge.” Oh, that mom of mine.)

Yep, it’s been a super fantastical, ginormous time here at my little desk in the world. But it’s also nose to the grindstone time. Or in my case, fingers to the keyboard, brain to the scathingly brilliant thinking time. I have a manuscript to finish and submit to an editor. ‘Cause, you know, I WON!

22 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday: I WON! I WON! I WON!

  1. Cathy – that' awesome! A writer should be able to come up with a better word than awesome, but I mean it in the pre-80s, more awe-inspiring kind of way! I am in awe. Are you sharing what you submitted? B/c Caitlyn Dlouhy is my editor-crush and I'd like to see what it is that she likes.Congrats and great to see you!Ashleigh

  2. Yay, you! Here are some words for you…epic, remarkable, marvelous, noteworthy, extraordinary, grand, divine, advantageous…I could go on and on! But the main point is, YAY YOU!

  3. Aw, thanks, y'all! I'm still kinda squealing like a little girl on the inside. But now I have lots of great words to throw in the squeal.:-)Ashleigh, Caitlyn Dlouhy is my editor-crush, too. (P.S. The novel is a little bit paranormal, a little bit Southern, and lots of humor. She liked the voice. If I read her writing correctly. :-)Beth, yep, it's THAT novel. I'm hoping to continue the story this November.

  4. YAY CATHY!! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TALENT + PERSONALITY + SPUNK ALL GET TOGETHER?! IT EQUALS SUCCESS!!I think you've made all us writer gals be at a loss for words! I first came up with Yay & Awesome! Congratulations, you scathingly brilliant woman, you! I'm honored to know you!!

  5. Madeline, thanks! Um, think I can use that as a query?! :-)Lisa C., I wanted to call you and Tanya from the conference, but then I was like-shoot! I don't have their numbers!Lisa T. Thanks! I'm getting back in the word groove! 🙂

  6. Why bless your little heart Cathy! You are amazing, and winning this contest only confirmed what I already knew. I know a big shot writer. Congratulations. I see you having great success with this book. Get off the stick (ahem, sorry) and start typing. Good luck.

  7. Hi Cathy,Winning first place is HUGE. How wonderful for you!I'm so happy you shared your great news with us.Paranormal, Southern, Humor–can't wait to read it!Donna

  8. Linda, I know lots of big shot writers-they read my blog all the time! :-)And Donna, I can't wait for y'all to read it, too. But first, I kinda have to finish writing it. Then sell it.Oh, my word. Y'all are gonna be SO sick of hearing about my novel! But thanks for the kind words. Y'all have made my day.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS, CATH — that is HUGE and ginormously, fantastically wonderful news! I knew it would happen for you soon. Yay! Let's go to lunch again and you can gloat over tea and dessert. I'm so hapy for you.

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