Earning NaNoWriMo Merit Badges

I know I usually do my horn tooting on Tuesdays, but I’m just so proud of myself for earning these swell badges that I had to share!

First, of course, I earned the Procrastination Badge. According to the little pamphlet thingie that comes with the badges, one can earn this cute vacuum cleaner badge in a variety of ways:

a. skip writing for more than three days in a row

b. spend over 30 cumulative hours on the forums

c. clean your home instead of working on your novel

Guess how I earned it? Keeping in mind that dog hair is swirling around the keyboard as I type. And that I don’t even know how to get in the forums.

But one badge is never enough, is it? So I went for two. And honestly, I’m really thrilled over earning the Word-Count Padding Badge. I mean, this badge requires mad writing skills.

I had my main character study for a World Geography quiz and added about 30 countries and their capitals. Isn’t that brilliant? I think I may have earned bonus points for choosing countries like Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo. And the best part is that I can always go back and add more!

And last, but certainly not least, I earned the Nano Socializing Badge by dragging a few friends into Nano with me. Friends who have tons more words than I do.

But do they have any badges? Hah.

6 thoughts on “Earning NaNoWriMo Merit Badges

  1. I have a little seal thing from nannowrimo that I don't know what to do with since it won't print or paste to a note or email. Seems it's supposed to go to a web page, Facebook, or twitter none of which I have. Maybe you'd like to add it to your badges…Cile

  2. You are my hero. In the few words i've written, I had Casey earn a "I tried" ribbon. We'll see how things work out in a couple weeks but….I'm pretty I'm earning one of those. Let me know if I should order TWO!

  3. Betty, you could make your own badge! Everybody loves a winner :-)And y'all should know that there are SEVEN more badges. I'm currently working on the Caffeine Abuse Badge. But I'm not holding out hope for the Nanowrimo Victory Badge. Maybe one of YOU will win it!

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