Finding Something Friday on The Moment

So, I’m zipping through my inbox…delete, delete, de-wait. Read that one.

I comment once in a blue moon over at She Writes. I might comment more but I can’t remember my login. Anyway, I noticed an email from She Writes (I get daily updates) about The Moment.

From the website: “Everyone has a moment. What’s yours?”

Hmmm. Those folks make a good point. And here’s the best part. Your moment can be an image, a few words or lots of words. It can be a note left in a bar or a banner over your bedstead.

Think about it. A moment that changed your life. Silly or serious. Then check it out here at Smith and send it in. Maybe you’ll be in the 2011 book.

There’s a moment right there.

5 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on The Moment

  1. Lisa, you could do a micro-moment!And Clara, I always have Eureka moments in the shower. Not exactly life-changing, but definitely story-changing. (I get the BEST ideas in the shower!)

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