Finding the Georgia Center for the Book

Okay, technically, I didn’t find the Georgia Center for the Book. I found the link that tells all about it. And I’ve met folks from the Center at various literary events around my little corner of Georgia. Plus, I’m right up the road from the Decatur Public Library, which sponsors the Center. So, really, the Center and I are like home, er, girls.

And you would think, as a homegirl, that I would have read more of the books from Georgia authors. Especially since I know a few of them (like Vicky Alvear Shecter and Elizabeth O. Dulemba whose books are included on the list, “25 Books All Young Georgians Should Read.”). So, I’ve got some serious reading to do.

Because I’m all about supporting the homegirls (and guys) who write, and supporting literacy and great books. I’m especially all about my home state, Georgia. Oh, and I’m all about finding my name on that Authors page someday, too.

 Um, I’m not so about my birth date being out there for all the world wide web to see. I’ll have to have a little chat with the Georgia Center for the Book about that.

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