Finding (And Keeping) New Year’s Goals

I’m a BIG believer in the To Do List. In fact, I make a To Do list every day. I don’t always accomplish every single thing on the list, but it’s a great motivator for me–I LOVE ticking off points on a list. Somehow, it makes me feel smart and successful.

Come New Year’s, I make the Grandaddy of all To Do Lists. Seriously, it’s a work of art. But before I make my new list, I check the old list. Did I achieve my goals? Were some of my goals totally unrealistic? Or perhaps a goal was too vague? Sometimes, I make goals that really just aren’t that important. So, it’s a fine-tuning process every year, with the hope that each new year, I’ll get closer to reaching my writing dreams.

Jan Fields’ article, “Wishing Up Good Goals” from the latest ICL newsletter, really emphasizes the importance of making “good” goals. It’s worth a read before you start your 2011 list.

And you know what else is worth a read? The ICL newsletter. I gained so much from the class I took several years ago, and I got in the habit of reading the newsletter back then. I still read it every week because I always find a useful article or tip. Plus, it’s free, and I love a good deal.

So, you might want to add “Read the ICL newsletter” to your To Do List for 2011. It’s a goal worth keeping–and you’ll get to tick off something every week. Now, don’t you feel smarter already?

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