A Wednesday Fun What TO Do

Yes, I know I normally pass along my embarrassing, yet instructive, What Not To Do’s, writing-wise. But today I have a What TO Do. Mostly because I didn’t have to learn this lesson the hard (not to mention, embarrassing) way.

We all know how beneficent the Beneficent Mr. Hall is, especially when it comes to holiday gift-giving. Seeing as how he only has to shop for one (me), whereas I shop for 87 (different friends and family)…well, I digress. The point is, he’s beneficent. And he’s thoughtfully beneficent, trying to choose items in the writing field.

Which is why every year, I get a Page-A-Day Calendar. I love these calendars! This year, I found the Booklover’s calendar in my stocking, and I’m throughly enjoying it. But I also got another calendar. FREE!
See, when you buy a Page-A-Day Calendar, you can go to their website, put in the secret code that came with your calendar, and pick out another calendar to access online (or sent to your email).

So, here’s what you can do. Go to your local bookstore where most calendars are now 50% off. Buy one and get another (virtual one) free! Oh! And every day, after you get smarter or laugh or feel spiritually better, take the real calendar page off and use the back for your next day’s To Do list. Then you don’t have to buy a separate notepad or look for paper! Yes, I really get my money’s worth from my Page-a-Day calendar.

And as we say in the South (though I know better ’cause I’ve had several grammar calendars): Ain’t nothing embarrassing about that!

6 thoughts on “A Wednesday Fun What TO Do

  1. Embarrassing to admit that I gave up on the day-to-day calendars because I would go literally months without pulling off the days. I'm such a rebel (which sounds way more exciting than the truth…I'm so forgetful…).

  2. I once had a Word-A-Day calendar that I kept on my desk at work.It was neat to come in after the weekend and have THREE new words (instead of the usual one), like a kind of Monday bonus – which, to date, is the ONLY neat thing I've ever found about Monday.(Except for the occasional Monday holiday)

  3. I love those word calendars but this year I received a very special calendar — a different picture of my grandchildren for each month. I think this will do the trick for keeping me smiling if not improving my vocabulary!

  4. Lisa, I keep my calendars on my bedside table so I read, rip, and make notes. That's the only way I can remember a page a day.Eric, I like when you have three days like that, too. But what about those calendars where you get one lousy page for two days? Pfft on that.Anita, you win the sweetest calendar award. I always thought I'd do something like that for my mom-in-law. But that ship has sailed-without my calendar on it. :-)Welcome, Dominic, and thanks for the follow! A recycling guy after my own heart. 😉

  5. Wow! Cool! But, I'm afraid I'm not good with these kind of calendars, either…at least for what they're meant to be used for! I, too, use the backs for notes, etc.!

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