Finding Something Friday on Poetry! Contests! Polar Bears!

First, a little poetic inspiration to get you primed and ready to write:

I love myself, I love me so!
I took myself to the picture show.
I wrapped my arms around my waist.
I got so fresh, I slapped my face!

Hahahaha! I wish I could claim that, but it’s one of my mom’s jewels from back in the day. If I could use that little poem, I might send it in to one of the poetry contests I’m considering. To wit:

The Poetry Society of Virginia’s Contest (Deadline: January 19)

The North Carolina Poetry Society’s Adult Contest (Deadline: January 15)

The Pennsylvania Poetry Society Contest (Deadline: January 15)

Now, if I’m being perfectly honest, my poetry skills are not exactly scathingly brilliant. But I do so love poetry. Or at least the poetry I understand.

I love the way a lyrical poem makes words sing. And I love how images spring into my mind when I hear a poem read aloud. I can appreciate the wonder of a beautifully wrought poem, even if I can’t exactly wrought one up for myself.

But that doesn’t keep me from trying. And with the entry fees for these contests, I can afford to send my pitiful poems out into the world. Because …

I love my poems. I love them so!
The ones of joy, the ones of woe.
I send them out all over the place-
Makes judges want to slap my face!

(P.S. About the Polar Bears. Um, that was a shameless ploy on my part to grab folks who like Polar Bears and convince them to follow my blog. I’m not sure if Polar Bear lovers would enjoy a blog about writing and such, but who doesn’t like winning a Barnes and Noble gift card? Of course, you can’t win if you don’t sign on to be a follower. Or get your friends to sign on as a follower. I mean, if you get 20 of your friends to sign on here, that gives you 20 entries. Just make sure your friends let me know. And if you’re a rabid Polar Bear lover who feels shamelessly manipulated, I’m very sorry. I could write you a swell poem if that will make you feel better.)

11 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Poetry! Contests! Polar Bears!

  1. Wow! So many deadlines in January -so little time! If only the poetry deadline was in February. I've got a killer poem about falling in love with Tom Cruise. 🙂 Good luck with your submissions though!

  2. Cathy, I obviously missed something about the Polar Bears!! You'll have to e-mail me and 'splain yourself, LUCY! I love your mom's poem! I can see where you got your talent!! Also, I'm finally getting around to posting about your contest today! Sorry it's taken me so long….sometimes I'm a baaaad friend. 😦

  3. Becky, I didn't exactly write anything about Polar Bears…it was just me, hustling for followers :-)Sometimes, I'm a bad blogger :-)BUT, you could never be a bad friend! Thanks so much for the plug!I really appreciate you posting about the contest.

  4. haha, I tried the 69 ploy,it gained a few andstill I'm watching youlet's see what your money can dohaha, perhaps you should unleash Cathy on a stick, she could point he way for more

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