Finding (SCBWI) Money for Writing

Now, who doesn’t like money for writing? But you can’t get something for nothing if you want to win one of the SCBWI Work-in-Progress grants. You’re going to have to apply.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re working like a dog on your latest manuscript, and you could really use a little financial help whilst working. Let’s say you need to make a trip for research. Or maybe you need to make a retreat for uninterrupted writing time. Honestly, maybe you’d just like grocery money. You can use the grant money for whatever your need is.

And there are different categories of grants, with main winners and runners-up. Your chances of winning a grant (as long as you’re an associate or full member of SCBWI) are good. But you can improve your chances by working  just as hard on that grant as you do your work-in-progress. Check your spelling, write complete sentences, present yourself professionally. Make SCBWI want to throw that money at you!

That’s why I’m mentioning it now. Go check out all the details here and start working on the application. You have a full two months to make everything spiffy! On the other hand, you only have a few days to make your children’s poetry spiffy.

But you can do it! Check out my post over at the Hall of Fame regarding several poetry contests. I think every contest had a category for children’s verse. If you have a wonderful poem, hanging about collecting cyber-dust, polish it off and send it out. The entry fees are so reasonable, you can’t afford to pass this opportunity up.

‘Cause you know…who doesn’t like money for writing?!

2 thoughts on “Finding (SCBWI) Money for Writing

  1. I flew! I flew!
    This is a fantastic post! Your blog is such a great resource for writers that I’m putting you on my resource page. I’m definitely applying for a grant – can’t hurt, right? – I just have to find the pb that’s the best one. Conferences alone can be so expensive!

    • You really have nothing to lose, Deb! And I know we’ve had a few winners from our very own region. Like Kara. Maybe she could give you a few pointers? Good luck!

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