Finding Something Friday on HUGE Hugs and Reading

Almost every day, I open a Google Alert to find my name on someone’s blog because of the Big Bang B & N Followers Contest. And then I go wheee! Wheee, wheee, wheeee!

I know just how the little piggy feels! It’s so thrilling to find so many of my blogger friends, spreading the word about the contest. Not because it’s such a thrilling contest (though winning a B & N gift card is nifty), and not because I’ve gained quite a few new followers (though that’s awfully swell, too). But because I have such totally awesome friends!

Honestly, y’all have gone way beyond the call of duty, and I’m so blessed by your generosity. In fact, I’m a little farklempt…talk amongst yourselves for a minute, okay?

So. What else I found in my inbox today: the newsletter from Reading is Fundamental. RIF is a non-profit group that supports literacy, particularly among those children, from birth to age 8, who are economically challenged. To put it another way, RIF wants everybody to have books. Because how can you instill a love of reading without wonderful books?

We always had books in our home when I was growing up. And when my kidders were small, I loved taking them to the library, or when I could afford it, allowing them to pick out a book at the bookstore. Oh, how we agonized over which book to buy! It’s so special to have your own books, isn’t it? That’s what RIF is all about.

January’s RIF sponsor is Nestle. Remember that jingle? N-E-S-T-LES. Nestle’s makes the very best…chocolate. Mmmmm…chocolate. I could go for a Butterfinger right now. Or a Baby Ruth. No, I’m sticking with the Butterfinger…peanut buttery chocolate bliss. Mmmmmm.

Um, where was I? Oh, yeah. RIF. Check out how you can help Nestle share the joy of reading here.

And thanks again to all y’all who’ve shared the joy of reading my humble blog. HUGE chocolate hugs are winging their way to you!

6 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on HUGE Hugs and Reading

  1. Cathy, if you insist on going wee-wee here, we'll have to get you some Depends. (LOL!)Mmmm… chcolate! But you can keep the Nestle's and give me a nice Lindt dark chocolate flavored with chili! (Awesome! Try some and see!)

  2. Sally, I loved reading to my children. Maybe someday RIF will be putting YOUR book into the hands of a child!You're so welcome, Clara! A mug of hot chocolate sounds good about now!

  3. You should see our weekly library stacks around here. It's quite the production! I love going online and reserving books with the kids, but there's something special about doing it in person at the library. Glad to hear your contest went well!!

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