What Not To Do Wednesday on Being Organized (Or Not)

So. I needed ONE little thing. A simple piece of paper.

Well, not just any old piece of paper. I was looking for a piece of paper from my radio days. The copy from a commercial, if you must know. And I looked EVERYWHERE.

And when I say EVERYWHERE, I mean I emptied the entire love chest of my life. There is a ton of stuff in that love chest, I can tell you that, grasshopper. But do you know what’s NOT in the love chest? The radio commercial copy.

Eventually, I stuffed all the er, stuff back in the chest (P.S. I still can’t get it to close). I moved on. To the filing cabinet, to be exact, where I was looking for something totally different. I suppose I don’t need to tell you what I found in a completely random, unmarked folder.

Don’t forget to mark your folders, grasshopper. And here’s a link to 30 very funny books, according to Gina Barreca, Ph.D., who wrote a handful of pretty funny books herself. Honestly, we deserve a couple laughs, right?

‘Cause if you can’t laugh at the crazy stuff in life (and filing cabinets), then you might as well throw in the (paper) towel.

12 thoughts on “What Not To Do Wednesday on Being Organized (Or Not)

  1. Not as many as I'd like, Gail! I've read a lot of Dave Barry's books, and Thurber, Benchley, Jean Kerr and Bombeck. I was surprised at some of the books NOT on the list. Like David Sedaris? That guy seriously cracks me up.

  2. Geez…I hate it when that happens! And no more do I "put something away in a safe place" so as not to lose it. I've lost too many things that way! Heaven knows what I'll find, and where, when the day comes that I move from this house.

  3. I totally understand your frustration, Cath. A week or so ago, I lost a key to the porch–of course, the only key and the lock couldnt be changed out because it was so old they didn't use screws in it!!! I finally gave up after screaming and staring at the box of clementines and bottle of wine that were keeping cold and that I couldn't get to. I had cleaned off the desk, pulled out everything, checked the drawers and floor to see if it had fallen through. As I passed by the desk on my surrender march to the couch, what stared up at me from the surface that I had searched for days but the key. Apparently, St. Anthony figured the game had gone on long enough. Glad you found your copy.

  4. You post reminds me that I need to organize my multitude of papers. It's amazing how much time I lose just looking for stuff. Sometimes the info I'm looking for is in the right place, but because I put papers in the wrong place so often, I can't find them because they're where they're supposed to be.

  5. Oh, I'm suffering with you, Cathy! There's a saying about lots items that a co-worker used to say…uh..25 years ago??? He'd say, "It's not lost. It's just misplaced!" Words to live by!! πŸ™‚

  6. Lisa, that's exactly what I think about it, too-how will I ever move everything? (Answer: I'll probably just start dumping stuff with my eyes closed.)Linda and Anita, Oy! Keys! Reminds me of another key story when St. Anthony rescued me. I'm glad you found yours, aj. Linda, keep looking!J.L., nothing makes me crazier than looking for stuff! I vow to be more organized and yet…well, we know the rest of THAT story, don't we, Becky? ;-)Madeline, you know, I didn't. But I completely forgot what I was looking for! Sheesh.Barb and Donna, we probably need a support group-but we'd never be organized enough to meet. ;-)And Kelly, those were crazy radio days. The Beneficent Mr. Hall used to go by the name, "King Kong." I'll just leave it at that. πŸ˜‰

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