Finding a Children’s Market Sooner Rather Than Later

If you write for children’s magazines, then you know how important it is to get your work to editors well before the end of a submission deadline. If you’re just starting out, considering magazines, then you need to look at editorial calendars now and consider the themes.  A Fall theme might have a March deadline!

Even though I know all about deadlines, I’ve still been caught with my …er, pages down. I’ve had editors say, “Sorry! We’ve already  filled out the year’s calendar!” In July. So that’s why I thought I’d give a for instance today.

Take Guardian Angel Kids. It’s a paying market, and the editors accept fiction (which is getting to be a tougher and tougher sell in children’s markets), non-fiction, and poetry. Oh! And they accept work from children writers up to age 12!

 Here’s the golden link with the editorial calendar.  Check out a few back issues to get the feel of the magazine, then get right on your submission. The sooner, the better. ‘Cause honestly, the early writer gets the acceptance!

2 thoughts on “Finding a Children’s Market Sooner Rather Than Later

  1. I LOVED this post! One of my writing goals for 2011 is to learn more about the magazine market. For someone starting at square one, this feels like a daunting task. Thanks for giving me a jump start with this info. I’m excited to learn more!

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