Finding a Contest for Teen Readers

Remember the old Irish Spring ads where the very handsome Gaelic lad and lass are discussing the merits of this fine soap? That it’s strong and keeps perspiration odors at bay? And then the lass says, “Strong, yes, but I like it, too!”

That’s the way I feel about this contest. Imagine me as a fetching Southern lass, talking to a group of teens about all the books they can read if they check out the monthly contest at And then one of the teens (we’ll say a girl because girls always think they know everything. I know because I’m a girl) says to me:

“These books have teen protagonists and youthful angst-driven plots. They’re for teens!”

At which point I fetchingly reply, “Teens, yes. But I like them, too!”

If you’re writing for teens, it’s a good idea to read what teens are reading. The monthly Grab Bag of Books Contest at is a cool way to win the books. And after you finish reading them, you can give them to a teen!

Which is more than I can say for a used bar of soap.

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