Finding Something Friday a Day Late (Okay, Two Days. Sheesh.)

But technically, I found this contest on Friday. Just sayin’.

So, there must be something about the first of the year that motivates us bloggers. Because now, my blogger buddy, Lisa, wants to reach 100 followers. AND she’s got some swell prizes lined up to motivate you.

Let’s see…there’s a $20 gift certificate from, and a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing, and hmmm…

Well, here’s what you do. Zip over to Lisa’s blog for the details. Oh! I remember now! A journal! That’s the other prize. It’s swell, too.

Well, I’m glad we’ve settled that. But you’ll still need to zip over there, sign on as a follower, and tell her I sent you. Because I want to win one of those swell prizes. Just sayin.’

5 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday a Day Late (Okay, Two Days. Sheesh.)

  1. You're such a wonderful writing Yoda. Thanks for the link. And three of your faithful have done your bidding, which means your name is in the drawing a whopping 5 times. You're such an overachiever. 🙂

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