Critique Contest Reminder (D’oh!)

Forgot to remind y’all yesterday about the contest going on through…what was it? Oh, yeah. Midnight, Sunday, February 13th.

You MUST let me know if you signed on as a follower for Vicky’s blog, or to follow her on Facebook or Twitter. That’s how your name is entered into the critique giveaway. If you signed on for all three, then your name goes in the pot three times. If you just signed on for her blog, History with a Twist, then that’s one entry. That’s all cleared up, right?

Now, I’m not asking for all that link verification stuff. I don’t even know how to do that myself. It’s enough if you say, “Cathy, I’m following Vicky like a cougar on Ashton Kutcher.”

So on Monday, drop back by to find out if you won. Assuming I remember to post it.

2 thoughts on “Critique Contest Reminder (D’oh!)

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