Isn’t Winning Fun?

I know that I love winning!

Just last week, I won a book. And I’ve sent off a few entries in writing contests that I feel pretty optimistic about. Oh! And this morning, I got a super sweet Valentine’s gift from the Beneficent Mr. Hall. Definitely a winner.

But enough about me. You want to know if you won the critique from Vicky Alvear Shecter, and I don’t blame you. She’s a very talented writer, and entertaining, too. And I hope she’ll return in the fall when Cleopatra’s Moon is released and we can do this kind of contest again!

So without further ado (though I have sorta ado’d a bit here), the winner of the critique is Patricia Cruzan!

Thanks to all who dropped by here and signed on to follow Vicky somewhere, somehow. And if you also signed on to follow me, thanks so much for that! It kinda makes me feel like a winner.

And I do so love winning!

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