The Things We Do For Love

I’ll bet you’re thinking of love love. That’s a strange expression, isn’t it? But words (and connecting them to each other) lead to the love I’m thinking about–the love of writing.

You see, last month, after I sent my column to Modern Senior Living, my editor friend emailed and asked if I had a picture of myself in a hat. That’s because a hat comes up in the column.

Now, I write a humor column, folks. And with humor, writers play fast and loose with the truth. At least, this writer does. I’m not saying I make everything up. I mean, the part about the coyotes is one hundred per cent true. But the part about the hat may have been a slight exaggeration.

Still, I did have a hat that would go along quite nicely with the column. So, after 42 minutes of throwing things around the basement (and a couple closets), I found the hat. Then, after 13 minutes of badgering the Beneficent Mr. Hall to take a picture, combined with the 17 minutes he spent taking 8 different pictures trying to get the perfect one of Cathy C. Hall in a hat, I had a photo of me in a hat. (Whew.)

You can see the photo on page 8 of this month’s issue of Modern Senior Living Magazine. Not only did I send the photo to my editor, but here I am, promoting the look.

Oh, the things we do for love.

19 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Love

  1. Hahaha! Many years ago, I was sure I saw a lion in someone's backyard.My husband said it was a dog. I said I thought I knew the difference between a lion and a dog.The Junior Halls stiil ask if I've seen any lions lately.

  2. Love your column. 🙂 We haven't seen any coyotes yet, but one afternoon in the last month Christina glanced out the window and there were four full sized deer trotting up the street like they thought they were in the middle of the Hundred Acre Woods looking for Pooh. We couldn't believe it. Four! And midday, too! And we have foxes (they eat cats, too…yuck).

  3. Hey Cathy,Funny column. Love your hat. We've got our share of critters in Missouri too. Last year I spotted a bobcat on the other side of the road. It freaked me out. And we live in the suburbs. I won't even go into the critters we've seen out at our place in the country. During deer season Walt and our neighbor saw a panther and a mountain lion–and they weren't even drinking–the guys that is.What spooks me the most, though, is the ghost that haunts the old farmstead. Now that's creepy.Great column, Cathy. You have a way, and Mr. Hall is such a great photographer.Donna

  4. Oh, my goodness, Lisa, we have deer all over the place! One year, they ate about 20 bucks worth of seedlings I'd put out!And Donna, I'd freak out, too, if I saw a bobcat. Or a panther or mountain lion (sober or sloshed–me, not the cats).But I CANNOT believe in all this time you've never mentioned the ghost. We shall discuss this matter again.Meanwhile, thanks for the kind words, y'all. Glad you liked the column!

  5. Cathy,Great column. We were camping and heard a horrible yowl. Looked through binoculars and saw a mountain lion. Reported it to the park personnel who laughed at us and said, "We don't have those here." My husband saw a bear, but nobody believed him. Next day they said it had escaped from a circus and begged residents not to shoot it.

  6. Thanks, y'all! The pith helmet was part of a TV Guide promotion years ago…something about not having to search everywhere for listings…I don't know if any TV GUIDE reps wore the hats, but the Hall clan got their money's worth!Appreciate y'all giving a read to MSL!

  7. You look great in your hat! I wish I could be a hat person, but I'm not. I look ridiculous in hats. I've tried, really. I don't even wear hats in the winter. It's difficult because I tell my kids to wear hats when it's freezing outside (like now), but I don't wear hats so our conversations always end up with "you get to make your own decisions as an adult…until then, put on a hat!"

  8. Kim, that is EXCELLENT advice. The Beneficent Mr. Hall tells me that all the time! :-)Aw, thanks, Stacy! I've been writing for MSL for awhile. But I'm always looking for more markets for my column. So I thought I'd share the column here a couple months and see what happens. Fingers crossed!

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