Winners in More Ways Than One

First, I want to thank all y’all (that’s grammatically corrrect in the South) who dropped by and left lovely comments about your “letters from home.” Both Kristina McMorris’ book, Letters from Home, and your heartfelt sharing, made me wistful for a letter of my own. And as always, I wish I could give all y’all (okay, maybe it’s not really grammatically correct. We’re still going to say it) a copy of the book.
But there can be only one. And the one who shall receive this winning book is LISA! Lucky Lisa shall hear from me shortly.

Now to move on to other winners. Namely, me! Linda O’Connell, over at Write from The Heart, gave me this swell blog award:

A proviso of winning this award is posting a picture of yourself, blogging. Now, if I were to post a true picture of myself blogging, small children would run from the room, folks with heart conditions would drop on the spot, and the rest of you would need a brain sweep.

It is not a pretty sight. So, I’ll just post me sitting at the computer, in one of those lovely, posed pics.

Also, I get to pass along this award to a fantastic blogger. And I choose…DEBRA MAYHEW! Debra has a lovely and sparkly new blog where she shares thoughts about children’s writing. And a little about herself. Oh! And her new dog, Indy. But mostly about her writing journey. I think you’ll enjoy her charming philosophy, so please drop by if you have a minute.

So on this lovely Monday morning, everybody’s a winner. (Well, maybe not all y’all won an award or a book today. But all y’all are winners in my book!)

5 thoughts on “Winners in More Ways Than One

  1. May the Sisterhood of the Questionable Pants Unite, Madeline! :-)Aw, thanks, Linda. Sometimes, I think I do deserve what I get-and then some. My computer's been making my life miserable ALL DAY! 🙂

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