Finding Something Friday on Reading (Fun) and Writing (Freebies)

(You’ll enjoy this first bit more if you sing it to the tune of “My Favorite Things.” P.S. You might want to hum if you’re at work. Or tone deaf.)

“Reading and writing, they all fit together! Letters make words sing like birds of a feather.

Paper and colored pens having their flings! These are a few of my favorite things!”

Ah, how I love the sound of music in the morning! Just about as much as I love reading and writing. And as much as I love Share-A-Story, Shape-A-Future!

All week, folks have been “Unwrapping the Gift of Literacy” though blog posts, and tweets and Facebook comments. Today’s the last day, but you can still zip over to illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba’s blog where she asks a ton of authors how they fell in love with reading. And perhaps win her giveaway! Isn’t that a fun and wondrous thing to find on a Friday?

Then you can zip over to All Freelance Writing and find a ton of writing freebies. There are ebooks, and writing tools, and business and blogging templates, all for free! Maybe today’s the day you’ll get serious about freelance writing.

Or maybe you’ll just curl up with a great book or write a lovely little poem. It’s all good.

“When the kids gripe, when the bills sting, when I’m feeling bad…I simply sit down to my favorite things. And then I don’t feeeeeeeeeel so bad!”

6 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Reading (Fun) and Writing (Freebies)

  1. What a coincidence…I stepped out of the shower this morning singing, "Besides what you see I have confidence iiiiiiinnnn mmmmeeeeeeee!" And I did sing along in my head while reading this post. Time to watch "The Sound of Music" again…after I check some links out, of course.Happy Weekend, Cathy!

  2. At least y'all only have a few songs. I've got the WHOLE musical stuck in my head. But that's okay. I LOVE Julie AND The Sound of Music.The house is alive…with the sound of Cathy! 🙂

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