Thursday’s Three: Something for Everyone (If You’re a Writer)

So, I go to Twitter. And because it’s been over a week, maybe two, a GAZILLION little tweets have rolled by. And at first, I get a little panicky. Egads! What have I missed? The secret to the universe may have been tweeted and where was I? I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN’T KNOW.

But then I breathe into a paper bag and notice that a lot of tweets are things like, “meet me at Pete’s-it’s on the corner of 4th and Lex” and I figure that the secret of the universe was probably not divulged at a bar in New York.

Still, I do find a couple writerly gems and save these sparkly posts to read for later. That is where Thursday’s Three comes in. Here are a few sites you might want to check out. And best of all, you don’t have to go through a panic attack to get there.

For the freelancer who wants to make more money, Kelly James-Enger has a wonderful blog, Dollars and Deadlines. And you might want to check her sidebar, too. Lots of great freelance resources there.

For the wannabe published author, Alan Rinzler has a blog called The Book Deal that’s brimming with in-depth information on just about everything to do with the publishing business.

For the social-media challenged writer, check out Kristen Lamb’s Blog. I really like her love revolution, We Are Not Alone (#MyWANA on Twitter). BUT, she’s got plenty to say about all things social media, not just Twitter.

Okay, those are the top three of this week. I hope you find something you like. And please, people. If you happen on to the secret of the universe, shoot me an email.

Finding Something Friday: The One With a List

So I cleaned out ALL my emails, which was really just cleaning out a TON of newsletters and such that had been languishing in the old inbox. But I found some interesting stuff to share with you, the languishing summer writer.

1. Kate Wolford over at Enchanted Conversation is having a contest, perfect for summer. She’s looking for a great character sketch of a summer fairy, in 300 words or less. All you writer friends who are hooked on memes, put that writing practice to work for you! Deadline is June 17th.

2. Need some fast summer money? I just came across London Brokers, a web content provider. Unlike Demand Studios, you don’t have to apply. But you don’t make much moola, either. Still, pay is through Paypal. Just pick a topic, write, and get a flat fee.

3. Cheryl Klein is the speaker for a WD webinar on “How to Plot and Structure your Novel.” You’ll also get a query and first 250 words critique. So if a conference will break your budget, or you simply can’t get away, here’s a chance to hear an amazing editor (she’s a senior editor with Arthur Levine) for $89.00. The seminar’s June 23, but you’ll have access for a year, so you can listen and learn whenever you get your lazy summer boomerosity in gear.

4. And because some of you have little ones (or grand little ones) and might be traveling, I’m throwing in this site called MomsMinivan with its printable car activities and games. If I’d had this little gem back in the day, I would not need Golden Auburn or whatever haircolor Gloria uses to disguise the gray hairs I earned on kiddie road trips. And don’t forget rainy days–stick the kids in an inside fort and throw a few games and flashlight inside. Bottom line: You can save a ton of money for yourself in hair dye down the road.

That’s it, my summer sistahs (and brothers). Go forth and languish no more!

Finding Something Friday on Reading (Fun) and Writing (Freebies)

(You’ll enjoy this first bit more if you sing it to the tune of “My Favorite Things.” P.S. You might want to hum if you’re at work. Or tone deaf.)

“Reading and writing, they all fit together! Letters make words sing like birds of a feather.

Paper and colored pens having their flings! These are a few of my favorite things!”

Ah, how I love the sound of music in the morning! Just about as much as I love reading and writing. And as much as I love Share-A-Story, Shape-A-Future!

All week, folks have been “Unwrapping the Gift of Literacy” though blog posts, and tweets and Facebook comments. Today’s the last day, but you can still zip over to illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba’s blog where she asks a ton of authors how they fell in love with reading. And perhaps win her giveaway! Isn’t that a fun and wondrous thing to find on a Friday?

Then you can zip over to All Freelance Writing and find a ton of writing freebies. There are ebooks, and writing tools, and business and blogging templates, all for free! Maybe today’s the day you’ll get serious about freelance writing.

Or maybe you’ll just curl up with a great book or write a lovely little poem. It’s all good.

“When the kids gripe, when the bills sting, when I’m feeling bad…I simply sit down to my favorite things. And then I don’t feeeeeeeeeel so bad!”

Finding Something Friday: About Freelance Writing

I was just checking one of my Friday sites, which just happens to be called About Freelance Writing (hence the clever title of the post!). If you check it out, you’ll find that on Friday, they (Anne Weyman and the rest of her scathingly brilliant crew) post writing jobs, from all kinds of places.

That’s where I found my Baseball Beauties writing gig. Which I’m totally loving, by the way. And here’s the latest, if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to over there.

Anyway, I like to take a look-see on Wednesdays and Fridays, to see if I can find another swell writing gig. It only takes a few minutes to scan the posts; I’m kind of like the Goldilocks of writers, looking for just the right job opportunity. But honestly, it’s not just about finding writing gigs. It’s about freelance writing.

Which just happens to be what this Finding Something Friday is all about. (Photo from stock.xchng)

Tuesday Tip: HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Just because HARO is all about helping reporters and you’re NOT a reporter, doesn’t mean you can skip this post. HARO is awesome for reporters. But it’s an awesome way to get your sweet promotion out there, in whatever way you shine.

First, a little info. HARO was started by the awesome Peter Shankman to provide sources for reporters. You know how you need that one killer quote from an expert to make your article really swell? Or sell, for that matter. So, instead of running around everywhere, looking for experts and tracking them down for a word or two of wisdom, a freelancer can put a call out on this site, absolutely free, and soon, all kinds of responses will come shooting into your inbox.

How’s that for easy? When I pitched a horror article to WOW! Women-on-Writing, editor Annette Fix suggested I Wow! the piece with a few quotes. Use HARO to track down a few authors, she said. And before you could say, “Boo!” I had horror authors filling up my inbox. Really helped flesh out the article (no pun intended) and I learned a new thing or two. Always a good day when I learn something new.

But I also had another thought. Maybe I’ll sign up on the contact page. You never know when my extensive knowledge about all things Southern may be needed. And horror, now that I’ve finished that article. And dealing with crazy dogs…and witty writing…and well, you get the picture. And if someone quotes me, then wheee!

But read the HARO rules carefully. Mr. Shankman, I understand, wants everyone to play nicely. Considering what you get out of this fun tool box, it’s the least you can do.