And More Writer’s First Aid Goes To…

This always happens when I host a book giveaway. I read the comments and want to give the book to everybody. If I ever get a book published and do a book giveaway, I’m giving the book to everybody!

Um, maybe not everybody. Maybe ten lucky commenters. But what if I’m doing a blog tour? Okay, maybe five lucky commenters. Still, that could be like…100 books. What am I? Made of money? One book per giveaway, y’all. I think that’s both generous and practical.

Well, I’m glad that’s settled. My work here is done. Oh! I should probably tell you which lucky commenter won More Writer’s First Aid by the generous (and practical) Kristi Holl: Gayle!

Now my work here is done. (And now, I should probably get cracking on that book I’m going to give away someday.)

9 thoughts on “And More Writer’s First Aid Goes To…

  1. Am I the Gayle that won, or is it another Gayle? Fingers crossed…toes, too. Kinda. Toes are tough. Except for when I was watching that ballgame the other night and freezing! πŸ™‚

  2. Doggone it! I could have used some writer's first aid. As usual, I am a day late and a dollar short. I'm following you now for next time. :)BTW, thanks for the lovely comments about my blog.

  3. You can give me all the other books you want (assuming that random thingy ever picks my name) but when YOUR book comes out, I'm payin' top dollar, baby, and getting it signed!(OOh, my sister's a follower. How cool!)

  4. Hey Cathy,I'm with Debra about YOUR book. Put me down to buy two signed copies–one for me and one as a giveaway on my blog. I'm saving my money.Donna

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