Tooting my Horn Tuesday for Fiction365 and a Trade for Treasure

You know how stories are like children?

You birth your ideas and mold ’em a bit, then fix them up all pretty and send them out in the world, hoping they’ll succeed in some small measure.

Now, with my stories, as with the Junior Halls, I don’t like to play favorites. I love them all the same. But sometimes, I like a story just a smidge more than the others. I don’t like to say that too loudly, because I don’t want the other stories to get their feelings hurt. Because really, I love all my stories (just in case any are listening).

Anyway, here’s a little fable I wrote called “A Trade for Treasure” that’s appearing today over at Fiction365. I’m not saying it’s any more special than any other story. Not like it’s a favorite or anything (Psssst. It is.)

Fiction365 is a website devoted to sharing a story a day, 365 days a year. It’s a simple premise; a bold promise (I kinda borrowed that from the website), and I love dropping by each day to see what story’s up. You can like them on Facebook, too, and then you’ll see the day’s story pop up when you’re doing your socializing. And P.S. If you’re looking for my story after April 5th, just click on the calendar and “A Trade for Treasure” will pop up.

I hope you’ll like the story and the website. Maybe you’ll even find a nice home for one of your (favorite) stories. (You might want to keep that “favorite” part on the down low. Because if your stories are anything like the Junior Halls, they can always tell if you’re playing favorites.)

12 thoughts on “Tooting my Horn Tuesday for Fiction365 and a Trade for Treasure

  1. Oh, thanks, Madeline!You should definitely send something, Madeline! (Pssst. They pay more than EF :-)…follow them a few days and get a feel. I think your stories would be a good fit!)

  2. Enjoyed your story. I'll have to link up with that site. About Ted Dekker. He has quite a list of books and a strong following. They have a faith element but they are not the santized kind, there is grit, an edge some have a paranormal leaning and they don't necessairly end 'happily ever after.' I haven't read all his works as he's a bit 'hit or miss' with me. This new one is good but it's borders on gritty (not bad language but rough situations) and is just shy of being a tragedy.

  3. Thanks, Sally, for reading the story AND the Dekker info. I don't have to have a happy-ever-after ending in a book, but I like some kind of redeeming value. I'll check out your post when you review!And thanks, Clara! Hope you like it! (Pssst. You've had some WONDERFUL interviews at your place!)Uh oh, Sally. My word verification is deadgiz. Hope that book doesn't have a character named Giz. I'll be totally weirded out!

  4. Miss Cathy, I really liked your story, "A Trade for Treasure." I liked the layout you had of the little boy and the woman. I thought that was cool! A special twist! If you have any more stories, I'd like to read them. I like reading fairy tales!Love, Katherine

  5. Hi, Miss Cathy! You make really good stories and I really liked "Trade for Treasure." But why was the feather lucky? My favorite part was when the mayor thought that people were the troll's favorite food! Love, Daniel Mayhew

  6. Daniel and Katherine, thanks SO much for reading my story–and letting me know what you thought of it!Katherine, I have a new book I'm writing that I think you'll like–you can be one of my beta readers, okay?And Daniel, have you ever had an object that you thought was lucky? When I was a kid, lots of my friends carried around a rabbit's foot for luck. Now, honestly, I don't think a rabbit's foot is lucky (especially for the poor rabbit!), but people can be superstitious–just like the Little Boy in the story. 🙂

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