Finding Something Friday on Writing Awards and Tornado Tales

I’m sitting here, listening to birds outside my window. The sunlight throws a checkerboard pattern against the sheer curtains, and my spiderwort’s dripping with indigo blooms. In short, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

It’s hard to believe that many folks in my neighboring counties, in my neighboring states, aren’t having such a beautiful day. The birds might be singing, but their notes may be closer to songs of distress at finding their treetop homes gone. The sun still shines through plaid shirts flapping from torn-in-two power line poles. And it always amazes me to see a flower bed, bursting with reds, blues and yellows, perfectly intact ten yards from a flattened house.

Nature is beautiful yet oh, so powerful, and my heart and prayers go out to all those affected by the recent tornadoes. I’m sure there are many stories, and perhaps one of these tales or essays will be told for the Whispering Prairie Press Writing Awards.

They’re looking for poetry, flash fiction, and essays, and the entry fee is $5.00. Deadline’s June 30, 2011. Maybe by then, it will be a beautiful day in the neighborhood for us all.

8 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Writing Awards and Tornado Tales

  1. Hi Cathy,I'm happy to hear you are okay and praying for the storm victims. Yesterday I drove past some of the devestation left by last week's tornado just across the river. It is not a pretty sight.On a more cheerful note, I hope the Cards/Braves game tonight doesn't get rained out–unless of course the Cards are losing.;-)Donna

  2. Thanks for the contest link. That one has a distant enough deadline I can probably enter a couple of things (I'm a good shopper and noted the 3 for $10 entry fee.) The tornadoes did so much damage. We're fortunate to have missed it. My heart goes out to those who are still "digging out" from the mess.

  3. Donna, I just walked in the door. Please tell me the braves won ;-)And thanks, Lisa–didn't note that 3 for 10 break. I agree about the date. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get it together by then.Good luck, Linda. Will you send a poem? You've got some good ones!And oh, my. To see the tornado wreckage on the news…is indeed heartbreaking. But inspiring the way people pull together, Vicky.

  4. Lovely contrast between your neighborhood and those devastated by the tornadoes…lovely, if it weren't so tragic. It let's us all know to appreciate our blessings…and get to writing and entering contests!

  5. Today was another perfect day, and we were taking advantage of the great weather to do some yard work.I was thinking about those affected by the tornadoes and wondering what it would be like to be cleaning up the remnants of your home instead of pulling weeds. I can't even imagine.I'm praying for those touched by the storms, too! Nice post.

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