Keeping Up With National Children’s Book Week

Holy cow! We’re already half-way through National Children’s Book Week! But not to worry–the keepers I’ve found for you will be around till the end of the week. And the blogs and websites, books and activities, will be around long after. So off we go!

First, you should know that National Children’s Book Week is the national celebration of books and reading for youth. Honestly, I celebrate reading every day. My nose is always stuck in a book, or a blog, or a newspaper. I blame it on my chock-full-of-books-youth. I just have to read. Without books, I’d be…well, that’s just too scary to think about.

Fortunately, there are A LOT of folks who are as hooked on books as I am, who understand how books can change a life. And they celebrate each year with special events, story-telling, book giveaways…the list goes on and on. It’s probably about time I shared the list with you!

1. Donna over at Donna’s Book Pub is giving away a couple of  ARC’s (that’s Advanced Reader Copy) for middle grade readers. Scoot over there for a chance to win!

2. Margo at Read These Books and Use Them is sponsoring a book giveaway, too. I’m not sure what the book will be, but I know it’s ghost stories. Sign me up for that one!

3. Do you think you’re a great cartoonist? The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Comics Contest is going on right now! You have some time for this contest, but sorry. You have to be 6-16 years old to enter. (Phooey. I had a BRILLIANT idea.)

4. You’ll want to check out the sponsors over at the CBW. I had a great time over at Read it Loud! Lots of wonderful resources there, but I really got carried away with the Storybook Adventure.

I’ll bet your community is celebrating National Children’s Book Week, too. Take a look around and see what you can find close to home. Or better yet, grab a book and start reading to the children in your life. Trust me, they’ll grow up to thank you. (P.S. Thanks, Mom and Dad–and awesome kindergarten teacher whose name I can never remember!)

6 thoughts on “Keeping Up With National Children’s Book Week

  1. What?! You can’t remember your kindergarten teacher’s name? I think I’m still in love with Miss Lueck. 🙂 Thanks for all the great links. I feel inspired to plop myself on the couch and read to the kiddos.

    • I absolutely LOVED every minute of kindergarten. I must have been traumatized when the hard cruel world of First Grade came along. I remember that teacher well. (Honestly, I liked Sister Mary Joseph a lot, too!)

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